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Payment Methods

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    Payment Methods

    We strongly believe that our guests deserve the best and this extends to uncompromising the standards of a quiet and serene environment

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You can make your booking at the hotel premises with Visa or pay via our Pay Bill Mpesa Number which is ( 0000000000)
Most of our bookings are prepaid, and you are charged immediately at the time of booking.

 If your credit or debit card is not issued in the country where you are booking your travel, please be advised that payments in a foreign currency will be converted into the local currency of your credit card by the card company at an exchange rate.

 You may also be charged an international transaction fee by the bank or Credit Card Company. For questions about such fees, please contact your bank or credit card provider.



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Our rooms offer a blend of executive elegance and comfort, combined with all the practical, modern executive amenities of the modern age. County Comfort Hote exceptional guest suites symbolise all the comfort, warmth and elegance of par excellence.